3 Things to consider when buying telematics


  1. What are your objectives?

What do you want to achieve through using telematics? Having clear objectives will you better understand which solution is best suited to your needs.


  1. How will the system meet needs?

Many systems will provide a graphically pleasing layout, but the detail and value is often within the data they produce. Understanding how to access the data and how easy it is to use will be critical to the success of the project. Have a set of questions to ask during demonstrations to consistently benchmark each system.


  1. Driver Engagement

The success of the project will rely on buy in from drivers. Consult with them ahead of introducing any new system to ensure they know why, what, where and when this system is being installed. Give them opportunity to voices concerns and provide feedback. This will enable you to answer all questions ahead of implementation and maximise traction from day 1.



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