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What is the impact of idling on your fleet?

How do you monitor #vehicle engine idling?   Idling refers to running a vehicle’s engine when the vehicle is not in motion.   Engine idling is a huge contributor to air pollution, particularly in Towns and Cities as it increases the amount of exhaust fumes in the air.   The Royal college of Physicians estimate […]

What is FNOL and why is it important?

What is FNOL and why is it important? FNOL – First Notification Of Loss is the initial report made to the insurer in the event of theft, loss or damage of an insured asset. This is usually the first step in the claims process. FNOL is a term widely used in the telematics industry to […]

Dashcams, why bother?

Rapid developments in the connected vehicle space has led to technology becoming more accessible and more affordable, with barriers to entry the lowest they’ve been making it easier than ever to acquire and implement. As DVD’s are distant memories in the shadows of streaming services like Netflix and Amazon, SD Card dashcams are suffering a […]