We’re really pleased to announce the start of a new partnership between RoadWise and Premier Palletised Ltd

Premier Palletised are a member of the Pallex network, operating a fleet of 40 vehicles from their depot in Acton, London. Like many operators PPL has numerous sets of data delivered to them from multiple sources.

RoadWise will provide PPL with a data management platform, integrating data from their 2 telematics systems, vehicle check app, fuel cards, insurance claims, tachograph and delivery management system.

The solution will provide PPL with a single platform to view their mission critical data with KPI’s and performance analytics.

Through the RoadWise Rewards App, data will be used to engage, incentivise and reward PPL drivers. The initiative will help PPL improve driver safety, reduce accidents and improve their carbon footprint through reduced fuel consumption.

We’re really excited about this project and look forward to working with PPL!


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