SME’s are concerned about rising costs of Motor Fleet Insurance


In a recent survey of 600 businesses more than half the respondents (55.3%) said rising cost of insurance is their primary concern.


Those dealing with business vehicles reported that commercial insurance premiums have risen steadily over several years.


Insurance providers are clear that robust and effective risk management has a positive impact on incident rates and claims performance. There are many options available in the market that are both affordable and easy to implement.


However, businesses should not rely on the technology alone. Video footage will provide evidence and the ability to defend drivers and false claims, but how the data is used, interpreted, and presented to drivers will have more significant impact in long term behavioural change and sustainable performance improvement.


We often have conversations with businesses who invested in Camera and tracking technology for their fleet, but experienced little or no improvement in performance. In some cases, performance continued to decline, and insurance costs continued to rise.


RoadWise is on a mission to change that. We are experts in fleet technology, data management and driver engagement. We want to help businesses get the best return possible from their fleet technology, whether that is something we have supplied or working with a customer’s existing systems.


Our technology agnostic approach is producing significant results in reducing accidents, improving driver safety, and reduced operating costs.


Is the cost of your insurance increasing? We can help.


Call RoadWise on 0800 043 2028 or email the team [email protected]

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