What is the average MPG across your fleet?


If you have a fleet of mixed manufacturer vehicles it can be a challenge to measure and monitor their MPG performance.


The combination of fuelcard and #telematics data will provide a consistent output to address this challenge.


What MPG could your vehicles be achieving? The manufacturer figures always seem unrealistic, you can check this database https://vanfueldata.vehicle-certification-agency.gov.uk/ for more “real world” figures.


According to the database a 2.2 Diesel Transit Custom 310 should achieve a combined MPG of 46.3


Working with a fleet of Transits that are producing an average of 34mpg the database suggests there is a 27% improvement available. While 27% may not be achievable, 10% is likely to be attainable.


Using telematics performance data, you can drive behaviours to achieve and maintain this improvement.


What would a 10% saving look like on your fuel bill?


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